Survival comes to MPDC

A lot changed in this week's sprint, I reworked the knight, squashed plenty of bugs, improved the lobby system, and added a brand new game mode, Survival!

One of the biggest complaints I got with last weekend's play test was: "There's no one playing your game, I can't play myself."

While I offered to hop on to anyone who sent @Mark in the MPDC discord, this wasn't a great option.

So I added a new game mode! Survive in the arena for as long as possible, facing waves of 10 different enemies.

Survival's waves scale based on player count, so the more people in there the crazier it gets, also there is friendly fire.

I will be keeping this build up and the server online hoping you try the game.



MPDC.exe 33 MB
Dec 18, 2020
MPDC.x86_64 39 MB
Dec 18, 2020 15 MB
Dec 18, 2020


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