New Music, New Mode, & New Balance

This week has been filled with a multitude of changes to the game, from an updated soundtrack, to a new rendering engine, and changes to the game’s balance.

List of major updates:

  • Overhaul of the game’s soundtrack with songs by the community, thanks to Avocadough and TwitchyWhales.
  • The game now waits for all players to load before starting.
  • Switch to GLES 2 to support lower-end devices.
  • Player damage increases every ten kills
  • Dungeon game mode updates
  • Survival game mode updates
  • An experimental Android version.

Dungeon updates: 

The dungeon is now fully implemented as a game mode with a win and lose condition, ending when either the players kill all enemies or all players die. Also, there is now basic enemy AI, in a future update I plan on adding in ranged enemies that attack players from afar. Lastly, players now have a big bad boss every proper dungeon needs, making the experience feel complete.

Survival updates:

Most of the changes to the survival game mode have been balancing and esthetic. The enemies have seen their fair share of changes, as their spawn points are now visible in the forms of holes in the ground (for them to creep out of) and there has been a complete re-balance of their speed, damage, and health making the game more difficult than before.

Please download and play test the game, feel free to provide your #feedback in the Discord Server.

Thank you,


Thanks to TheGreyJohn for helping with the content of this devlog


MPDC.exe 66 MB
Mar 12, 2021
MPDC.x86_64 72 MB
Mar 12, 2021 33 MB
Mar 12, 2021
MPDC.apk 40 MB
Mar 12, 2021


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